Year 2012 - 2013

Year 2012 - 2013

Panels Joined in the Year 2012 - 2013:


House Committee


Standing committees:

Finance Committee


Subcommittees under the Finance Committee:

Establishment Subcommittee


Joined Panels:


Panel on Home Affairs

Panel on Security

Panel on Economic Development

Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting

Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services

Panel on Constitutional Affairs

Joint Subcommitte under Panels:

Joint Subcommittee to Monitor the Implementation of the West Kowloon Cultural District Project (Under Home Affairs)

Bills Committees under House Committee

Bills Committee on Stamp Duty (Amendment) Bill 2012

Bills Committee on Betting Duty (Amendment) Bill 2013

Bills Committee on Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Amendment) Bill 2013

Bills Committee on Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2013

House Committee and Subcommittees (Subcommittees on subsidiary legislation / draft subsidiary legislation /other instruments ):

Subcommittee on Minimum Wage Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 3) Notice 2012 and Employment Ordinance (Amendment of Ninth Schedule) Notice 2012

Subcommittee on Competition Ordinance (Commencement) Notice 2012

Subcommittee on Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 (Commencement) Notice

Subcommittee on Trade Descriptions (Powers Not Exercisable by Communications Authority) Notice and Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 (Commencement) Notice

Subcommittee on Business Registration Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 2) Order 2013

《Subcommittee on Three Proposed Resolutions under Section 5(3)(b) of the Public Bus Services Ordinance (Cap. 230)

Subcommittee on Frontier Closed Area (Amendment) Order 2013 and Frontier Closed Area (Permission to Enter) (Amendment) Notice 2013