Assisted Members of the Industry in Solving Problems

Assisted Members of the Industry in Solving Problems

Focused on Problems Encountered by Members of the Industry

Attended Board Meetings of the TIC, Outbound Committee, Inbound Committee, Mainland China Inbound Tour Affairs Committee, and the Ticketing Committee to actively listen to opinions and provide suggestions.


From 1 November 2018, the Civil Aviation Department no longer reviewed the increase in fuel surcharges for airlines. Before the new regulations were introduced, I joined the staff of the TIC and relevant representatives to communicate with the Transport and Housing Bureau and the Civil Aviation Department for several times. Meanwhile, two joint meetings were held with the Board of Airline Representatives Hong Kong (BAR) to exchange views on issues such as the principles of fuel surcharge adjustments and notification period.


2018/8/10 ‧ Promoted a multi-party conference to communicate on matters related to fuel surcharge.


2019/7/18 ‧ Further promote a communication meeting and unanimously agreed that if the airlines intend to adjust fuel surcharges, they must propose the adjustment for the subsequent month before the 15th of each month. The Civil Aviation Department has formally notified the airlines of this request and urged them to implement the practice.


Assisted Operation of Travel Agents that Organize Pet Tourism

The need to travel with pets on private jets has continued to grow in the recent years. In particular, the total number of pets that entered and left Hong Kong on plane had grown from 25 in 2017 to 220 in 2018. From January to May 2019, the number of pets under this category was equivalent to that for the full year of 2018. However, after taking into account the reception condition at the ports, the Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (BCA), provider of ground handling facilities and services for private jet companies, suddenly proposed a limit of 10 animals per flight in March this year. The BCA also required the new measure to be fully implemented from May onwards. After receiving the requests from travel agents that operate pet tourism, I discussed with BAC, AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department), Civil Aviation Department, Airport Authority, Immigration Department, Customs and other relevant units. Following the discussion, it was agreed that the limit would be increased to 15 pets per flight until the end of the year for tour groups that gave notification in advance. The new regulation would be implemented next year.


2019/6/6 ‧ Accompanied by consultant Mr. Perry Yiu and met with the management of BAC in Lantau Island. Attempts were made in extending the grace period


Strived for Free Measles Vaccination for Tour Escorts and Tourist Guides

There were multiple measles cases in Hong Kong in March 2019. At a meeting of the Outbound Committee on March 26, a member asked if the Government would arrange tour escorts to receive vaccination for measles. I immediately contacted the Food and Health Bureau. The Department of Health has given free measles vaccination to qualified tour escorts and tourist guides in July and August.


Promoted Barrier-Free Tourism

Attended the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation's inauguration ceremony for the "Accessguide" on 21 May 2019 and is committed to promoting accessible tourism in Hong Kong. In the past two years, I was happy to serve as a bridge between the tourism industry and people with disabilities in order to help solve the problems of insufficient software and hardware in barrier-free tourism facilities. The effort has yielded substantial achievements.




Promoted “One-trip, Multi-stop” in the Development of Tourism

Currently, the Governments of Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong have actively promoted “One-trip, Multi-stop” in the Development of Tourism. Through this arrangement, I am concerned about the way to improve the service standard for overseas tourists as they enter and leave Hong Kong, which can in turn benefit the tourism development in “One-trip, Multi-stop”. I suggested that the three Governments could discuss relevant strategies and measures. Through coordination by the Greater Bay Area Development Office with various Government departments and members of the tourism, convenience can be given to tourists at various ports.



Work Insurance for Tour Escorts and Tourist Guides

In order to solve the problem of job security and insurance for self-employed tour escorts and tourist guides while taking into account the affordability of travel agents, I took the initiative to collect information and communicate with various committees of the TIC. I also sought the opinions of relevant unions for tour escorts / tourist guides and explained the pros and cons to them. By making it possible for the unions of tour escorts / tourist guides to communicate with the TIC and the Tourism Commission, everyone reached a consensus on the standards and subsidy arrangements for purchasing work insurance. The new arrangements will be implemented on 1 January 2020.